When a student rides the bus, he/she should realize that this is a privilege.  The privilege imposes certain responsibilities on the part of the student. The following expectations are devised for the safety of all who ride the bus:

    STUDENTS ARE TO RIDE THE BUS TO WHICH THEY ARE ASSIGNED.  Students are not permitted to take a different bus because it goes to a friend’s house, a job, the dentist, etc.  Consideration for a change of a bus route must go directly through the sending district that is responsible for their transportation. Contact information is listed at the bottom of this page. 


    1.        Students are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner.  Courtesy towards others and respect for the law and property are expected. SMOKING/CHEWING TOBACCO IS FORBIDDEN.

    2.        Students will keep arms, heads and legs inside the bus windows.

    3.        NJ State law requires that all students wear seat belts on buses when they are provided. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

    4.        Bus drivers have designated stops.  Please do not ask the bus driver to make any special stops.

    5.        Distracting the bus driver endangers the lives of all students on the bus.  There should be no shouting, singing, loud noises, or foul and abusive language.

    6.        The school forbids students to haze, bully or intimidate others.  No student has the right to interfere in any way with another person’s privilege of traveling on the bus without being bothered or harassed. 

    7.        Students must understand that they are under the authority of the school while riding the school bus.  

    8.        Disregard for bus regulations may result in the suspension of a student’s bus privileges, in addition to appropriate consequences under the school’s discipline code. 

    9.        All bus complaints should be referred to the assistant principal’s office. 

    10.     Students must be on time to their bus stop.  Those who miss the bus are required to provide their own means of transportation to school.

    Contact Information
     Allamuchy Busing:            908-852-2139 ext. 102
    Great Meadows Busing:      908- 537-4409