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    Non-Contact Period Summer 2017 

    January 4, 2017 

    Hackettstown Athletics Non-Contact Period

    Summer 2017

    The Hackettstown HS Athletic Department believes that in order for our athletic programs to be successful, our student athletes are provided opportunities to improve in the off-season, particularly, the summer session according to NJSIAA rules.

    We are also mindful that our student athletes need a break.  With this in mind, we began in the summer 2016 and will once again in the summer of 2017 return a portion of the summer back to families within our school district.

    The HHS Athletics Non-Contact Period will be a period of nine days.  Beginning on Saturday, July 29th thru Sunday, Aug. 6th.  This means high school summer practices, workouts, competitions and camps will now be shut down during this time.  The Non-Contact Period will also prohibit any conditioning and weight training in our fitness center as the HHS Fitness Center will be closed that week as well. 

    This program will hopefully help reinstate the summer family vacation.  It is our goal to give families the opportunity once again to plan and enjoy summer vacation.

    Yours in Athletics and Academics,

     Bobby Grauso

    Director of Athletics

    Health and Physical Education


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