The board of education believes that a safe and civil environment in school is necessary for students to learn and achieve high academic standards. Since students learn by example, school administrators, faculty, staff, and volunteers are required to demonstrate appropriate behavior, treating others with civility and respect, and refusing to tolerate harassment, intimidation or bullying. Harassment, intimidation or bullying, like other disruptive or violent behaviors, is conduct that disrupts both a student's ability to learn and a school's ability to educate its students in a safe environment. Therefore, the school district will not tolerate acts of harassment, intimidation or bullying.

    District Anti-Bullying Coordinators (ABC)

    Mr. Guy Jorstad

    Director of Pupil Personnel Services
    908-852-8150 Ext. 230

    School Anti-Bullying Specialists (ABS)


    Hatchery Hill 

    Elementary School 

    Willow Grove

    Elementary School


    Middle School


    High School

    Ms. Arelys Alers

    Guidance Counselor
    908-852-8550  Ext. 237

    Ms. Aspasia Verpeut

    Guidance Counselor
    908-852-2805  Ext. 224

    Mrs. Kara Varina

    Student Assistance Counselor 
    908-852-8554 Ext. 231 

    Ms. Jennifer Spuckes

    Student Assistance Counselor
     908-852-8150   Ext. 232
    You may access the NJ HIB Law by clicking on this link: NJ HIB Law
    To access a copy of the NJ HIB Self-Assessment Summary Scoring Document click here.

    You may access the Hackettstown Public School District’s harassment, intimidation and bullying policy by clicking on this link: HIB Policy 5131.1

    Need to report a suspected incident of Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying click the icon below to access the district's online reporting system.
  • 2015 - 2016 Hackettstown Public School HIB Report Card
    To access the 2015 - 2016 Hackettstown Public Schools HIB
    (Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying) Report Card
    click here.
  • Hackettstown Public Schools
    School Self-Assessment for Determining Grades under the
    Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act
    2015 - 2016