2019 Golf Season

     New Season = New Goals


                                                                                 Come participate in Golf Mania- The Majors and help us raise funds for the golf team.




    Our pledge drive continues throughout the season so send in your pledge today.

    Our first Pledge of $1 per birdie!!

    Erik Jagnandan

    4/16 #4 PV vs. Morris Knolls

    4/30 #1 PV vs. Kittatinny

    4/29 #4 High Bridge Hills vs. WMC

    5/2 #9 Bowling Green GC vs Jefferson                                                

    5/23 #1 #5 Mienbrook GC vs. Mt. Olive


    Derek Weaver

     4/10 #5 Wallkill GC  vs. Wallkill Valley
    4/24 #6 Black Bear GC vs. High Point
    4/29 #2 High Bridge Hills vs. WMC
    5/1 #3 and #7 PV vs. Lenape Valley
    5/2 #3 Bowling Green vs. Jefferson
    5/2  #4 and #9 2 EAGLES Bowling Green vs. Jefferson
    5/6 #2. #4, #9 at Great Gorge GC vs. Vernon
    5/8 #1,#2,#3,#4,#7,#9 at PV vs. Randolph
    5/13 #2 and #6 at Bowling Green for  States Sectionals
    5/16 #2 at PV vs. Roxbury
    5/23 #1 at Minebrook GC vs. Mt. Olive
    Nic Kratzel
    4/17  #1 PV vs. NWR
    5/13 #1 at Bowling Green GC  for State Sectionals
    Billy Defazio
    4/24  #2 Black Bear GC vs. High Point
    4/30  #4 PV vs. Kittatinny
    Dan Canavan 
    #7 PV 5/1 vs. Lenape Valley
    5/16 #5 and #6 at PV vs. Roxbury
    Harrison Westfall
    5/6 #6 and #8 at great Gorge GC vs. Vernon
    Tyler Gehrett
    5/8 #2 at PV vs. Randolph


    Date Opponent Location Tigers  Opp. W/L
    15-Apr Wallkill Valley Wallkill GC  168  197  w
    16-Apr Mo Knolls PV  181 209  W
    17-Apr NWR PV  185  203  W
    18-Apr  High Point Black Bear 170 213 W
    22-Apr Blue Devil Inv Echo Lake CC      
    23-Apr Kinnelon Colt Inv Berkshire Valley GC      
    29-Apr HBH Classic High Bridge Hills GC      
    30-Apr Kittatinny PV  167 210  W
    1-May L Valley/ Montville PV  162 193/180  W
    2-May Jefferson Bowling Green GC  161 178   W
    6-May Vernon Great Gorge  159 152  L
    7-May Jefferson PV  181 186  W
    8-May Randolph PV  163 201 W
    My 9 Sparta Lake Mohawk CC  181 165 L
    13-May State Sectionals Bowling Green GC  361 4TH  
    14-May Millburn Maplewood CC  ppn    
    16-May Vernon PV  179 188 W
    20-May NJ TOC Hopewell Valley GC      
    21-May HWS Boys Architects GC  343 4th  
    28-May NJAC Boys  Flanders Valley GC  358    


    2019 Tigers Chasing Birdie Coun 


    Hackettstown High School Golf Team Rules and Regulations


    Player Expectations:

    1. BE ON TIME.  Practices, Meetings, Departures, and most of all Tee Times.

    2. Academics are the top priority for each student athlete.

     3. Golfers are required to communicate with the coach BEFORE missing a practice.

    Failure to do so may result in an event suspension and/or possible dismissal from

    the team.  (SEE BELOW)

    4. Drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco will not be tolerated. Evidence of use will result in

    immediate discipline as per the HHS Student Athlete Handbook.

     5. Players are expected to have golf equipment and properly take care of their golf equipment.

    6. Players are expected to act appropriately on the golf course. Be courteous and polite to members, staff, players and opponents.

     7.  Players are expected to follow all rules of the golf course. NO bad language, throwing clubs, or other rude behaviors at any time.  Remember, we are guests at the course.

     8.  Players are expected to give effort at all times. Each team member will have an important role to play acceptance of that role will be essential to reaching our team goals.

     9.   Scorecards are to be turned into me at the completion of each practice/competition round.  Golf Data sheets are also to be turned into me after matches.  These will be used to track a golfer’s progress throughout the entire season.

     10.  Players will demonstrate competence of the rules of golf by completing simple assessments on and off the course.

     11. Players will dedicate some volunteer time to help at the golf course, as assigned.

     12.  You will support all students who choose to practice and be a part of this team.


    Dress Code:

      Issued Team shirts with black or khaki pants are required on match days.

    Golf shirts and appropriate golf pants are required for practice days.

    Shirts must be tucked in at golf course and practice facility.

    Hats may be worn if in good condition and worn appropriately, at coach’s discretion.

    No Cargo pants or shorts.



    All players must attend all practices for the total duration of the practice. Only illnesses and family commitments will be allowed for players to miss practice. Player/parent must contact coach to confirm absence. Failure to do so, will count as an unexcused absence. If you are sick/home for the day, you may not come to practice or competition that day.

    Missing practices or matches for unexcused absence or vacation will result in making up the same amount of time you missed before you can compete.  Example: You are absent three days on vacation then you must make up three days before you can compete for the team


                    Have pride in the program and continue to uphold the wonderful reputation of Hackettstown High School Golf and those who came before you have established.  What does that mean? You are gracious in victory and defeat.

                    Thank the on-site staff and home pro for hosting our event.   

                    PLAY BY THE RULES.  If you don’t know the rules, you can always ask for assistance.   Play with honesty and integrity at all times. Respect the course, your equipment and yourself.


                    Coach  Michael Andrusin, PGA