• Hackettstown High School Guidance Department
    7:30 AM to 3:30 PM
    Phone: (908) 850-6508 Ext. 4
    Welcome to the Hackettstown High School
    Guidance Department Webpage
    "Our children are a living message we will send to a future that we will never see."
    Vision of Hackettstown High School
    The Guidance Department at Hackettstown High School is the focal point of the school community, serving students, parents, teachers and administration. Students may access services in the guidance office by making appointments with counselors assigned to them. Counselors are available to assist and advise students about personal problems, academic problems, career choices, course selections, college choices and scholarship applications. The guidance department also assists in student orientation information services and standardized testing. The guidance office is open during regular school hours and throughout the summer.
    Please visit the Guidance Announcements page for the latest information.


    Helpful Hints for Navigating HHS

    School Phone:  908-852-8150    School Fax:  908-852-6214

    All emails end in @hackettstown.org



    Main Office:  Ext.  #222


    ·         Lockers

    ·         All forms

    ·         Working papers

    ·         Student drop off & pick up

    ·         Lost & Found

    ·         General Inquiries


    Attendance Office:  Ext. #222


    ·         Call to report all absences

    ·         Hand in excuse notes

    ·         Questions regarding attendance letters

    ·         Inquires about total number of absences


    Note: student should email teachers directly for missed assignments due to absences


    School Nurse:  Ext. #244


    ·         Illness/Injuries

    ·         Doctor’s notes if excused from PE

    ·         Medication (Rx and OTC)

    ·         Concussion protocol

    ·         Immunization Inquiries


    Vice Principals:  Ext. #228


    ·         Student ID’s

    ·         Discipline

    ·         Dress Code

    ·         Parking Permits

    ·         Summer Assignments



    Guidance Office:  Ext. #230


    ·         Counseling services

    ·         New student registration

    ·         College & career planning

    ·         Schedules

    ·         Transcripts

    ·         504 plans

    ·         HIB



    Athletic Office:  Ext. #253


    ·         Athletics teams & events

    ·         Physicals & impact testing

    ·         Athletic eligibility

    ·         Physical education and driver’s education

    ·         Weight room

    ·         Driver’s test cards


    Teachers:   Use staff directory on phone prompt or see website for individual extensions


    ·         Grades

    ·         Homework & assignments

    ·         Tutoring/Office hours

    ·         Email directly for homework when absent



    Child Study Team:  All students who have an IEP are assigned a case manager. Inquiries related to your child’s IEP, services, or special education classes should be directed to your case manager


     Case Managers:

    ·         Dr. Rao ext. #261

    ·         Mrs. Stanley ext. #264

    ·         Ms. Dolinsky 852-8554 ext. #233

    ·         Ms. Cherneski 852-8550 ext. #233



    Tutoring Services:


    ·         Free tutoring in the library afterschool with certified teachers- schedule will be posted online.

    ·         Peer tutoring through honor societies also available- contact the guidance office


    Class Activities:


    For grade level field trips and fundraisers each grade has class advisors and a website on the “Clubs” tab



    Freshman- Mr. Robinson ext. 881 and Mr. Vellucci ext. 847                  Sophomores- Mrs. Campiglia ext. 862 and Miss Klie ext. 821


    Juniors- Mrs. DeMartini ext. 859 and Miss Kucinski ext. 823                  Seniors-  Miss O'Rear ext. 833                                             


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