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    Name: Debra Palahnuk
    E-mail address: dpalahnuk@hackettstown.org
    Phone number: (908) 852-8150  Ext. 841
                                  "Math is not a spectator sport!" 


    For my Google Stie with information about my classes for 2017-18, please click the followoing link:
    **If you are absent from class, please feel free to contact me via email for assignments.  When you return, it is the student's responsibility to get notes from a classmate, set an appointment for help if necessary, and complete all work due during your absence.  Remember the No Show, No Call policy.
    Homework assignments will be clearly communicated with the students on a daily basis.  It is the expectation that all students will record their homework in either their math notebook or agenda book at the end of each class meeting.  A homework page is linked on my website for each class in the event a student misses an assignment.  Please know that it is sometimes necessary to modify homework during a lesson due to the needs of the learners.  The most up to date current assignment list is found posted on the side of my desk in my classrooms.   If for any reason the immediate assignment has not been posted on the website, the student should reach out to a classmate for the assignment.

    Extra help is available by request most days during B lunch or after school. Per school protocol, students must plan ahead if they wish to see me at lunch and get a pass to leave the cafeteria to come to my room.  Designated office hours are on Wednesdays and Fridays after school from 2:30 - 3:00 PM (although I am usually here most days and well beyond 3 PM).  It is highly recommended that the student set up an appointment with me so that I know they are coming in.  In addition, the math department has also set up designated tutoring available to ALL students on Wednesdays in the library from 2:45 - 3:45 PM with me (beginning in early October)
    My Current Courseload
    All classes are taught in Room B9
      Block 1:  Honors Geometry
      Block 2:  REA 
      Block 3:  Honors Statistics
      Block 4:  Honors Statistics
      Block 5:  Honors Geometry
      Block 6:  CPA Algebra 2
      Block 7:  CPA Algebra 2
      Block 8:  REA 
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