• Mission Statement


    The mission of this program is to provide our district’s identified gifted youth with an environment that inspires learning, fosters creativity, models respectful community and encourages self reflection.  The Hackettstown School District has made a commitment to these children by offering an extensive program for gifted students.





    Gifted children demonstrate the following:

    • High intelligence
    • Verbal or mathematical acuity
    • Creativity
    • Exceptional talent and skill in the fine arts
    • Leadership


    These children also have a specific set of emotional needs that must be fostered by our educational system:

    • To feel empowered with their innate ability and potential
    • Desire to be challenged intellectually
    • To be honored and accepted for their individuality


    An environment that inspires learning, creates community, honors uniqueness, and develops specific areas of strength, provides a comfort of “place” essential to centering is necessary, as is the facilitator who honors and respects these attributes.