Speech Language

    What are speech and language services?

    Speech and language services are given to those students who present with significant delays in speech (voice, fluency and articulation) and language skills.  Individual goals and objectives are created in order to help the student improve their speech and language skills. 

    How often does a child receive speech and language services? 

    Sessions are either in small group setting, on an individual basis or a mixture of the two.  Sessions may occur within the speech classroom or within the general education setting as the therapist deems appropriate. The frequency of the sessions depends on the severity of the speech and language delay.   

    Who makes a referral for speech and language testing?

    The classroom teacher or the parent(s)/guardian(s).  Once a referral is made, an initial planning and evaluation meeting will be held within 20 days to determine if an evaluation is warranted.  

    If I suspect my child has a difficulty in the area of speech and language what do I do?

    Talk to the teacher and ask how your child is doing in class.  Bring up your concerns regarding speech and/or language development.  If your child's performance within the classroom is impacted as a result of the speech and/or language difficulty this should be brought to the speech/language specialist's attention. 


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