• Google Apps for Education
    Hackettstown Public Schools have  switched to Google Apps for Education to deliver the district email, calendaring, and contacts. In addition, the district is providing Google Apps such as Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, and Google Classroom along with Drive to all district employees and students in grades 3 - 12 in order to provide 24 hour access to files. Below are highlights to the workings of each tool. Please refer back to this page for any assistance in learning the Google Apps for Education tools.
          - Gmail Overview
          - Sending, Replying, and other Gmail basic
          - Creating Groups and Mailing Lists 
           - Calendar Basic
           - Setting Reminders, Sharing, and More
           - Self Paced Learning 
           - Google Drive
           - Google Drive Basics
           - Google Contacts
           - Enter Contacts Information & Adding Contacts
           - Creating Groups & Mailing Lists 
    Google Apps Icon
    - Google Docs Overview
    - Google Slides Overview
    - Google Sheets Overview
    - Google Forms Overview
    - Google Drawings Overview
             - Overview of Google Classroom
             - Managing Classes 
             - Communicating through Classroom
             - Connecting through Classroom