UPDATE: 12/11/2020

District Wide Covid Alert - sent on 12/11/2020
Earlier today a district wide alert went out to the community announcing the district would be bringing back students in Pre-K through 7th grade and self contained special education programs back for in-person instruction beginning Monday, December 14th through Wednesday, December 23rd.
If you should have any questions on how this pertains to your child please contact your child's case manager.
How will Related Services be delivered -
December 14 - 23
December 14 - 23:
PreK-Grade 7, along with the Self Contained Programs at the Middle School:
All Related Services will be offered in person or virtually, as students will be able to report for face to face instruction.
Grade 8-12:
- Speech and Physical Therapy services will be held remotely
- Occupational Therapy sessions will continue to be held in person as long as parents are able to provide transportation to and from the school and the parent remains on school grounds until session is completed
Please know that all CST evaluations will continue to be held in person.