Special Services » Special Education Update - January 7, 2022

Special Education Update - January 7, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

I hope everyone is doing well and is experiencing a good start to the new year. Mr. Mango recently sent an alert on January 4, confirming our commitment, as a district, to provide in-person instruction, unless directed by the NJDOE and NJDOH or due to staffing concerns. As we continue to discuss and prepare for a possible pivot to remote instruction for an extended period of time due to COVID related reasons, the Hackettstown School District is going to make every effort possible to allow any classified student who is currently enrolled in at least one Pull Out Resource (POR), Language/Learning Disability (LLD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or Pre-K program, as well as any student who receives occupational, physical or speech therapy via their IEP to remain in person, if that is your preference.

If by chance, the decision is made to go virtual, a Google form will be sent to those eligible to remain in person for the duration of the closure to document your decision.

In addition, students who have are scheduled for a Child Study Team evaluation during any extended closure will be notified and allowed entrance into the building for in person instruction for the day in which they are testing. 


If you should have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Kevin J. O’Leary
Director of Special Services