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Cyberbullying & HIB Contacts

Bullying in person or through electronic communication is condemned by Hackettstown School District and as outlined in Board Policies 5512, 8461, and various others.  If you as a student are being targeted, or know of someone who is, we encourage you to reach out to a trusted adult for help.   We have also included several free resources below for you.
If you believe you are a victim of Harassment, Intimidation, or Bullying, please reach out to your building's HIB Representative and/or Administrator listed below.
Hatchery Hill Willow Grove
Arelys Alers, HIB Specialist
Marie Griffin, Principal
Aspasia Verpeut, HIB Specialist
Lauren Thomas, Principal
Hackettstown Middle School Hackettstown High School
Jessica Luteran, HIB Specialist
Jon Beyer, Assistant Principal
Jennifer Spuckes, HIB Specialist
Guy Jorstad, Director of Guidance
Stomp Out Bullying!
Suicide Prevention Lifeline: