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      12-14-18 Smile Pile


    This week I heard one of my students out in the hall talking to another student who is very weak in all subjects.  "Now don't forget to get here early, and make sure to bring everything so I can help you.  
    This morning, after she finished her corrections on the narrative, she was looking over another student's work and noticed that they were doing dialogue totally wrong.  She double checked with me that hers was correct and set about helping this youngster fix hers.

    Welcome Back!

    Name:  Deanna Craig
    Phone: (908) 852-8554 please leave a message with the secretary
    Please note: The best way to contact me is via e-mail. Thank you very much!
                       On most days, I will be in the classroom with students before school by 7:15 am and after school until approximately 4 or 5 pm depending upon student need. 
                       Both students and parents should please feel free to contact me at home or on my cell phone with any questions: (Cell) 908 278 5148
     This year  I will continue to work with all four grades.  I am enjoying the opportunity to see the progression of skills as I move through the day, and it allows me to reinforce what I surely now know has been covered in earlier years.
    I am currently working with 5th grade teacher, Ms. Santulli, 6th grade teacher, Ms. Russ, 7th grade teacher, Mrs. Scott, and 8th grade teacher, Ms. Durkin.  All of the colleagues I work with are very flexible and allow for work to be revised when it seems to be needed.  Please check Home Logic and encourage your children to advocate for themselves if they wish to improve.  They may come to my room before school and after school for assistance with the exception of Mondays when we have other club meetings and staff meetings (Poetry usually meets on the 2nd Monday of each month, and PAWS usually meets on the 3rd & 4rth Mondays of each month.  Occasionally, we reschedule to accomodate guests and calendar issues.)
    Agenda Book Research Manual MLA for all research pieces done at the middle school (MLA)
    Fun Stuff
    Poetry Club
    Poetry club meets almost every 2nd Monday after school in room 111.  We laugh, we talk, we write, we read, and often we squeeze in time to eat.  Drop in sometime and check it out. Please check the calendar on this web site.
    PAWS is an after school club in which we will be looking to make the world a better place for the animal kingdom.  We meet on Monday afternoons from 2:50-4:05.  Please check Mrs. Craig's web site calendar.  
    Thank you for taking the time to visit my homepage. 
    Please check back for updates.