• Earth Science



    Name:  Mr. Fetherman

    Email: jfetherman@hackettstown.org

    Phone: (908) 852-8554 ext. 816


    Times Available for Extra Help:

    • Any day from 2:40 pm-3:05 pm
    • Days of tests from 7:45 am- 8:10 am (Must have a pass)
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    Sixth Grade Earth Science Topics 2018-2019

    Earth’s Water and Atmosphere

    • Circulation in Earth’s Atmosphere
    • Circulation in Earth’s Oceans
    • The Water Cycle
    • Influences on Weather
    • Weather Prediction
    • Influences on Climate

     Geologic Processes and History

    • Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition
    • The Rock Cycle
    • Earth’s Plates
    • Earth’s Changing Surface
    • The Age of Earth’s Rocks
    • Earth’s History

     Earth and Human Activity

    • Natural Hazards
    • Natural Hazard Prediction
    • Reducing the effects of Natural Hazards
    • Natural Resources
    • Distribution of Natural Resources
    • Human Population and Resource Use
    • Resource Use and Earth’s Systems
    • Human Impacts on the Environment
    • Reducing Human Impacts on the Environment
    • Climate Change

     Space Science

    • The Earth-Sun-Moon System
    • Seasons
    • Formation of the Solar System
    • Earth and the Solar System
    • Earth’s Place in the Universe
    • Gravity in the Universe