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    Welcome to Mrs. Fantano's Second Grade!
    Name: Julie Fantano
    Email Address: jfantano@hackettstown.org
    Phone Number: (908) 852-8550 (ext. 240)

    Dear Parents, 
     I hope that you will all stay safe and warm when the impending storm hits our area. What a great time to practice math facts with your child!
    Winter has certainly reared its ugly head! The wind and fridgid temperatures have made it impossible for the children to go outside for recess. However, should the temperature be above thirty-three degrees on any given day, the children will be going outside to play. I am asking that you send your child to school with a warm jacket, hat and gloves or mittens each school day in the event that outdoor receess is possible. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 
    Your child entered second grade much like a monarch caterpillar ready to grow and change into something wonderful. As partners in your child's education, our goal is to have him/her "emerge" from second grade with the necessary skills to meet success in third grade and beyond. In June it will be time for me to "release" them as they embark on their new journey next year as third graders. 
    I am enjoying spending the 2018-2019 school year working with you and your child. Room C-108 at Hatchery Hill is a great place to be!  
    Julie Fantano :)