• The ASVAB Test

    will be given at HHS
    on Tuesday, November 14th at 7:50 am
    Sorry- all testing seats are filled at this time.
    Lunch Visitations- The following branches will be in both lunch blocks 
    Marines: 1st Tuesday of every month
    Army: 4th Wednsday of every month
    Military Contacts:
    New Jersey Army National Guard: 
      Staff Sergeant Eric Symonds  eric.symonds@us.army.mil 908-878-9490
    United States Air Force:
       Staff Sergeant Justin Sheldon    Justin.Sheldon.1@us.af.mil 609-220-3541
    United States Army:
      Staff Sergeant Thomas Steele      Thomas.m.steele22.mil@mail.mil 908-850-1700 
    United States Marine Corps:
       Staff Sgt  Brandon Whitlock  Brandon.Whitlock@marines.usmc.mil  732-865-6927
    United States Navy:
      BU1 (SCW) Michael Voicechovski   michael.voicechovski@navy.mil 973-383-2323
    Interested in a military academy or ROTC Scholarship?
    Start early and see your counselor!