Next meeting: Thursday Jan 14th
     Our Pledge:
    "I will in my life, to the best of my ability through my talents in art, help to create a more beautiful world for myself, for humankind, and for all living things." 
     Our Society Flower: 
    The red carnation- One of the oldest cultivated flowers dating back to the Greek and Roman empires. It symbolizes our admiration of the willingness new members to share their artistic skills and talents will the school and community. 

    Bylaws for the Hackettstown High School Chapter # 2039

    Section 1.  A chapter may wish to include bylaws to amplify sections of its constitution. By laws do not need to be approved by the National Council if they are consistent with regulations outlined in the constitution. A current copy of the local chapter by laws must be filed with NAEA.

    Section 2. To remain a member in good standing, a member must pay dues and complete 6 service hours in the visual arts each year and maintain attendance. Meetings count as .5 service hours and all other hours completed will be awarded based on time spent in service to the club.

    Section 3. Annual dues of $10.00 will be collected from each member to go toward their registration fees and the club account.

    Section 4. Attendance is required at meetings to maintain membership and privileges. Failure to meet attendance policy will result in inability to apply for the club in subsequent years.

    Section 5.  Attendance is required for all officers at any executive meetings call outside of the regularly scheduled meetings. All Members may only miss a maximum of 2 meetings before falling in bad standing status. Members may make up attendance/hours outside of meetings. Members must contact their sponsor by email (mhouck@hackettstown.org) within a week of 2nd missed meeting to inquire about making up hours. Failure to contact sponsor about attendance will result in expulsion from the club. Members are required to go to the end of year Art Show as ambassadors for the club. 

    Section 6. To graduate with NAHS honors and earn the right to wear a cord, pin, or tassel at graduation, a member must remain in good standing until the graduation date.

    Section 7. Members must maintain a B+ average in Advanced Art, A.P. Art, Sculpture, or Drawing and Painting.

    Section 8. Members must maintain a unweighted 2.7 cumulative average at the end of each year.

    Section 9. New members will be eligible to apply based on teacher recommendation after having completed Intro to Studio Art and their unweighted GPA at the end of the year. Applications and portfolios will be reviewed and selected by current officers.

    Section 10. Members may remain active during such time when there are no visual arts on their class schedules as long as they fulfill all of the other requirements each year. Failure to remain in good standing previous years may result in inability to join in subsequent years.

    Section 11. Students must have completed a full year of art and received a final grade of an A or B in order to become an official member, but students currently enrolled in their first art class may come to meetings as a prospective member.

    Section 12. In the event of an infraction of rules, a review by the officers and sponsor will be conducted. If the individual in question is an officer, he/she will not participate in the decision-making process.