Welcome to Mrs. Manieri's SC ILA Class
    Reading is Fun!  
    Verb Games on Web:
    Vocabulary Homework:
    We will begin reading our first class novel this week. Each week, on Monday, students will be given new vocabulary words for the chapters we will be reading. Students are to use any dictionary resource to define these words. Definitions will be due on Wednesdays. On Wednesdays, students will be assigned Vocabulary in Context. This assignments asks students to locate their words in the context of the novel and write the sentence containing the words.  This assignment is due on Fridays. Students will be assessed each Friday on their vocabulary words.
    The main focuses of SC ILA are reading (decoding/encoding), writing, and comprehension.  
    Wilson Reading System
    The Wilson Reading System directly and systematically teaches students how to fluently and accurately decode. Instruction is interactive and multi-sensory. Students learn to encode (spell) as they learn to decode.
    Leveled Reading
    Leveled reading help students practice and reinforce skills while fostering a love of reading. Curriculum content is "leveled" – a system of establishing text difficulty by evaluating features such as language use, sentence structure, story elements and more. Once assessments determine the level at which students read, books are matched to that level - books that are challenging enough for the student to make progress, but not so difficult they cause frustration.  
    Once students are assessed and levels are determined, students will be given/borrow books on their independent level to practice reading at home. When books have been read students may return them for new books.  
    6+1 Writing
    The 6+1 Writing Model of Instruction and Assessment comprises 6+1 key qualities that define writing. These are:
    • Ideas - the main message
    • Organization - the internal structure of the piece
    • Voice - the personal tone or flavor of the piece
    • Word Choice - the vocabulary the author uses to convey meaning
    • Sentence Fluency - the rhythm and flow  of the language
    • Conventions - the mechanical correctness
    • Presentation - how the writing actually looks on the page
    One key to improving one's ability to read and comprehend is practice. It is important that students practice reading everyday.
    Daily homework
    Practice Reading Page: Current focus on "tapping."  Tapping is aimed to help students decode and encode unknown words. Students will not always have a new page to read. On those days students may choose any practice reading page to read for homework. 
     “Tapping” Directions

    Say sounds separately, then blend together. Tap your thumb to your fingers while saying each sound. For example: “mat” Use the index finger to thumb for /m/, middle finger to thumb for /a/, and ring finger to thumb for /t/. Then blend the sounds and name the word, as you drag your thumb across your fingers beginning with the index finger. 

     Homework Grading
    Daily homework is worth 1 point.
    • 1 point = parent signature on log
    • 0 points = no signature on log
    Other homework is worth 3 points.  
    • 3 points = homework complete
    •  2 points = homework mostly done/late
    • 1 point = very little of homework is done
    • 0 points = homework not done
    Library Day
    Currently Library day is set for every other Wednesday, beginning September 22, 2015. Students will have reminders on Tuesday (homework written in agenda book) and it will be posted on my homework page. 
    Thursday Assessments 
    Fridays are assessment days. Depending on students' individual needs they may be assessed on a variety of skills. These skills may include but are not limited to:
    • Fluency
    • Sight Words
    • Leveled Reading Assessment
    • Spelling Assessment
    • Decoding Assessment
     Sight Word Assessment
    Based on students' sight word assessment they will be given new sight words to practice at home and will be assessed on Thursday. New sight words will be sent home on Fridays.