Megan Kadel
    5th Grade Special Education Teacher
    Hackettstown Middle School Phone Number (908) 852-8554 


    *The best way to contact me is through email.*

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    This year I will be working with the following teachers:


    Mrs. Castelomendes - 5th Grade Science

    Ms. Gericke - 5th Grade Math

    Mrs. Andrusin - 5th Grade Social Studies

    Ms. Santulli - 5th Grade Language Arts


    Office Hours: 

    I am here from 8:00-3:05 daily. 
    If you need additional assistance with your school work, please contact me in advance to schedule an appropriate time for us to work together.

     English Language Arts will focus on:

     Reading:   The students will continue to improve their ability to read text, process it, and understand its meaning.

    Writing:   The students will express their thoughts and ideas in a well organized manner via paper or electronically. They will work to improve their narrative, informational, and opinion writing skills. Within writing, the students will improve their use of language skills such as mechanics, where areas such as parts of speech and punctuation will be addressed. Sentence structure and paragraphing skills will also be practiced.

    Listening and Speaking: The students will work to improve their listening skills by being attentive in class when others are speaking and being able to add on to or summarize what the speaker has just said. The students will be able to speak full thoughts using complete sentences to express themselves on various topics, about their opinions, and ideas they may have.