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    Hello, .  Welcome to My Homepage!
    Name: Fran Tosti, Speech/Language Therapist
    Email Address:  ftosti@hackettstown.org
    Phone Number: (908) 852-8554 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
    please note: e-mail is the best way to reach me

    Please contact me if you notice any of the following speech/language related problems
    Expressive Language-difficulty communicating thoughts/ideas verbally
    Receptive Language-difficulty understanding language
    Auditory Processing-difficulty following directions or remembering information
    Oral/Motor-difficulty with the function of the oral motor mechanism
    Articulation-difficulty producing age-appropriate sounds
    Voice-any abnornmal vocal quailty
    Fluency-difficulty with fluent speech patterns
    Social Language-difficulty communicating socially with peers
    Websites of interest for parents/guardians:
    www.asha.com :professional website for speech therapists with access to parents