Tiger Times Newspaper
    Advised By: Mrs. Reddy
    Interested in becoming a journalist or editor?  Stop by A13 for further information.  
    Meeting Dates: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month
    9/17/18- Introductory Meeting
    10/2/18- 2nd round of articles, fund-raisers and events, discuss October/Halloween (Trunk-or-Treat), T-shirts
    10/18/18- Meeting to discuss upcoming articles and prepare for the Trunk-or-Treat
     Editors for 2018-19
    Alyssa Rivera
    Amanda Tong
    Journalists for 2018-19
    Jessica Allardice
    Emily Brennan
    Rachel Bobitka
    Marissa Caputo
    Sofia Cuello
    Annabella DiLillo 
    Sophia DeLisi
    Ethan Dubinsky
    Patrick Engels
    Sarah Gallagher
    Samantha Harman
    John Klimas
    Matthew Milillo
    Audrey Morales
    Patrick O'Hara
    Keri Ramirez
    Noah Schaffer 
    Maria Scricco
    New members are always welcome! It is never too late during the school year to join!
    10/18/18 at Trinity Church
    Edgar Allan Poe themed car. 
     In photo (left to right): Sophia De Lisi, Clarie Lee, Alyssa Rivera, P.J. O Hara, Jessica Allardice
    In photo (left to right): Alyssa Rivera, Clarie Lee, Sophia De Lisi, Sanjay Motiram