HHS Student Council 
    ADVISER: Ms. Matlack
    Of the Students
    By the Students 
    For the Students
                                                                                                                       HHS Tigers are on a roll!

    Mission Statement

       The HHS Student Council is an association of elected and volunteer students who represent all Hackettstown High School students. Our goals include providing effective and responsive student governance  by liaising with all levels of administration, providing student activities as an enhancement to the overall learning experience, serving our community both within and beyond our school, promoting the general welfare of all students, and advocating on behalf of student concerns. Together and with  Tiger Pride, accomplishing common goals for the common good of our community.

    Student Council

       ​Student Council is comprised of Student Council officers, at-large members, and Freshmen through Senior class officers. Together, they  actively participate in monthly meetings with Mr Scanlon, Mr Mango, and other district and building administrators, discussing topics as broad-ranging as dress code, classroom technology, and school safety.By maintaining this ongoing conversation, students of HHS can be assured that they have a voice in school policy and that this voice is both heard and respected. Student Council members also meet regularly with students from our middle and elementary schools, inspiring and guiding the leaders of tomorrow, today. 

     Goals and Activities:

    •  Meet regularly to generate ideas and plan activities 
    • Hold Town-Hall style meetings in order to hear and discuss school-wide concerns and issues
    •  Inform the community of events and issues deserving their attention (web-site, bulletin board, Tiger TV)
    • Student Council Members meet monthly with administrators to share ideas and concerns.
    •  Offer delegates to administrative teams which plan and implement HHS policies
    Come Lead with Us!
       All Student Council at-large members, Student Council officers, Class Officers, as well as new members (anyone interested in getting things done and deciding what gets done) should plan to join us for our next meeting (watch for announcements on Tiger TV)!
    Our next Activity:
         Student Council Executive Committee will join with our district's middle school student councils  during a lunch meeting in the Library on Friday, January 27. Our agenda includes planning for the rest of our academic year and anticipating the 2017-2018 school year.
    Our regular meetings -- for ALL members--are held after school on third Thursdays in the HHS Library. At our next meeting we will plan for the Senior Citizen Prom which is on April 7!