College Planning Tips Power Point 



     College/Career Planning Calendar


    Students should focus on achieving the best grades possible.  This is the last year that will count

    towards the GPA that colleges will see on initial transcripts. 


            Timeline                                                              Activity

    September & October

    Students should take the PSAT in the Fall.  This is the only test used for the National Merit Scholarship Program.



    Students should complete online college searches and begin to develop a list of schools to visit.  Also use the college and career center in guidance for research.  Become familiar with Naviance- you will be using it consistently in the future.

    * Students enrolled in Careers will complete this on Naviance as part of the curriculum.



    Students should attend College/Career Fairs to investigate potential college/career options. Traditionally there are 2 events held at HHS.



    Students should register for SAT and/or ACT tests- if possible for all of those you plan to take during junior year. You do NOT need to test in the fall just register for upcoming tests. It is suggested that students who have not yet completed Algebra 2 wait to test in the Spring of their junior year.



    Students should begin to schedule visits to the colleges/programs they are interested in applying to – check for open houses and schedule an interview with an admissions counselor when possible.



    Students considering any form of military interest should register in the guidance office for the Armed Services Vocational Battery (ASVAB) and take the test given in mid-November at HHS. 



    Students interested in taking college courses at Centenary College during second semester or summer of their junior year should inquiry in the guidance office.



    Be sure you have registered for any Spring SAT or SAT II (if required) and/or ACT tests.



    Students meet with their guidance counselor to review their transcript/GPA, discuss post-secondary plans and course selections for senior year.




    March – May

    Students should review college websites to ensure they meet the criteria for admissions- be sure to check the following:

    ·         Do you have the required courses/academic units completed or scheduled?

    ·         Have you registered for or taken the required tests (This may be the ACT or both SAT I and SAT II tests.)?

    ·         How many letters of recommendation and/or teacher evaluation forms are required?

    ·         Is an interview, portfolio, pre-admission hours,or audition required?

    ·         Is an essay or personal statement required?

    ·         What forms are required for financial aid (FAFSA, CSS Profile, or institutional forms)?

    March - May

    Students should attend college visitations and open houses to narrow down college choices.



    Students should have completed a resume during Careers class- update it and load it into Naviance.



    May - June

    Decide which junior year teacher(s) you wish to request a letter of recommendation from.  Ask them in person- be sure to provide the teacher with a copy of your resume.


    June- August

    Complete the list of schools to which you are applying- download the application for each school and read the directions carefully! Check how many letters of recommendation are required.


    Write your application essays (be sure your name and a title are on the top) and complete a final draft of your resume- print multiple copies.


    Only if absolutely needed: Register for any Fall SAT or ACT test- it is definitely not recommended to take them any later than November of the senior year to meet college deadlines!  You may have to arrange for the scores to be sent immediately and in turn lose “Score Choice”.











    The senior year focus is on the strength of your schedule,

    but remember some schools may defer decisions for first semester grades.


    Timeline                                                                                              Activity



    & October

    Students meet with their guidance counselor to review their transcript, discuss their post-secondary plans and learn how to submit applications.  GPAs will be distributed.  Students should have a list of schools that they are applying to for their counselor and know who they are asking for letters of recommendation.



    Students should determine if they are going to apply Early Decision or Early Action.  This may commit them to attending that particular school.  Be sure that you understand and agree to all the terms and conditions.



    Students should begin to complete applications.  Be sure to review application requirements and expectations for each individual college.


    September- November

    Students must utilize Naviance online at https://connection.naviance.com/family-connection/auth/login/?hsid=hackettstown  to request transcripts and letters of recommendations from both teachers and guidance counselors.  Transcripts should be requested when application has been submitted.  Students should make all requests well before deadlines.


    September- Ongoing

    Students MUST request that their SAT/ACT test scores be sent directly to each college.  These are not part of the student’s transcript and are not sent by HHS.

    • Please contact ETS (Educational Testing Service) at www.collegeboard.com to send SAT I / SAT II and/or Subject Test scores to the colleges to which you are applying.
    •  Please contact ACT Assessment at www.actstudent.org  to send ACT scores to the colleges to which you are applying.


    September- Ongoing

    Students should monitor the scholarship bulletin and external sources.  A scholarship bulletin is available in the guidance office and on the guidance website.  Posted scholarship applications are available in the Guidance Office.


    October 1st

    NEW!!!! IMPORTANT!!!! Parents and students should submit the FAFSA as soon as possible (but not prior to Oct. 1st).  Complete the forms online at www.fafsa.ed.gov.  You will receive a report from FAFSA detailing your

    Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and the types of aid available to you.  


    Prior to the Thanksgiving Break

    Students should submit applications to all the schools they are interested in as first-choice schools.  Applying earlier in the year may increase your chances for an acceptance letter!



    10 days Prior to the Winter Break

    Students should submit applications to ALL of the remaining schools to which they are applying to ensure deadlines are met.   Applying after the Christmas break may significantly decrease your chances for an acceptance letter!

    December – ongoing


    Students should update Naviance with any application decisions.



    See your Guidance Counselor to request any mid-year transcripts.  Please note:  Although colleges will request them earlier, mid-year transcripts cannot be sent by the guidance office until after 2nd marking period report cards have been distributed to students. All common applications require that mid-year grades so those schools will automatically be sent mid-year grades when finalized.


    March- April

    Students should complete the application for the local scholarships sponsored by the Hackettstown community.



    Students should continue to update Naviance with any application decisions.

    If you would like your admission acceptances posted on the bulletin board than you must complete this step.


    April- May 1st

    Students should determine which college they will attend and complete “College I Am Attending” on Naviance.  Freshman orientations and other meetings may need to be scheduled at the college the students choose to attend.



    Complete the HHS Senior Survey on Naviance - be sure to indicate the college you will be attending after graduation. This is your request that your final transcript be mailed to the institution that you are attending.  If this survey is not completed by the student a final transcript will not be sent to the school you are attending!



    Final transcripts are automatically sent by the guidance office to the student’s school of choice and to the NCAA Clearinghouse as requested on senior survey.



    College Credit Transcripts (if applicable) must be requested directly from each college- Warren County Community College (dual enrollment) or Centenary College registrar’s office.  Note:  HHS Guidance department cannot provide these transcripts.