• Welcome to Mr.Cullen's Universe. I am a Teacher of Mathematics at the High School and this is my eleventh year teaching in the district. For the current school year I am teaching sections of Geometry (1), Advanced Algebra (2) & Careers (Fall) / Personal Finance (Spring) (2). My classes are taught in room(s) B-22, E-4, and C-11.

    Contact Information

    John Cullen
    jcullen@hackettstown.org (preferred method of contact)
    (908) 852-8150 ext. 814                 District VoiceMail
    I check messages at least every 72 hours and will return your phone call as soon as I am able.  If there is an emergency that requires my immediate attention please consider sending an email, or hitting *0.  When you are transferred to the office please ask whomever answers the phone to put a note in my mailbox.
     Schedule of Classes
  • Block 1         
    Block 2  

    Block 3     
    Block 4   
    Block 5   
    Block 6
    Block 7   

    Block 8   

  • Geo DBL  - 1   

    Careers (Fall) - 2
    AdvAlg - 3
    AdvAlg - 4
    REA (Prep) - 5

    Geo DBL  - 6         
    REA (Prep) - 7  
    Careers (Fall) - 8 


  • (E-4)




  • Office Hours
    Formal Office Hours are every Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 AM till 7:55 AM in Room C-11
    Informal Office Hours are every day school is in session. You can find me before school, during lunch, or after school. Most times you will find me in Room C-11. Sometimes I will be in a different location. You do not need an appointment, but one is strongly recommended simply to make sure that I am in the room so you can find me when you come looking for help. 
Last Modified on September 6, 2018