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    Name: Christina DeMartini
    E-mail address: cdemartini@hackettstown.org

    Phone number: (908) 852-8150  Ext. 859


    My schedule can be found below.   
    You can also find all the course overviews, objectives, and current units for each class I am teaching by clicking the links on the left of my website.   
    My Current Courseload
      Block 1: REA
      Block 2: POR English 3
      Block 3: REA
      Block 4: English 4 w/ Ms. Stem
      Block 5: Academic Support
      Block 6: ICRS English 3 with Ms. 
      Block 7: POR English 2
      Block 8: POR English 3
    Quick Links
    For my Google site with information about my classes for 2017-2018, please 
    clink the following link: 
     "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.  The  
      important thing is to not stop questioning."     
                          ~ Albert Einstein ~
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