Welcome to the Middle School's Encore Team Web Page.
    The Encore teachers are comprised of those teachers whose disciplines broaden the learning of all our students,  providing them with wonderful programs that help to create well-rounded people. These teachers foster the discovery of new talents, or nurture the development of our learners' skills, keeping them fit in mind, body, and spirit.
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    mona lisa
    Miss Shunk
    Miss Shunk is the Art instructor at the Middle School. She is devoted to bringing students a diverse art education which introduces them to the joy of color, shape, design, and creativity.  She is also the Encore Team Leader.
    She can be reached at lshunk@hackettstown.org, or, visit her website for more information.


    Mr. Poyer
    Mr. Poyer teaches Health and Physical Education to students in grades 5 - 8. 
    A student favorite, Mr. Poyer is also a terrific Baseball Coach at HHS.  Go Tigers!
    Mr. Poyer can be reached at gpoyer@hackettstown.org, or, visit his website for more information.

     choral music
    Mrs. Grzywacz
    Mrs. Grzywacz teaches General Music to all students at our Middle School.  She also provides our school with a wonderful Choral Music program that includes grade level choruses, and small specialty groups.  Is your child musical?  Want to learn more?
    Stop by Mrs. Grzywacz website, or, contact her at cgrzywacz@hackettstown.org for more information.

    Mr. Freeman
    The Middle School's Band instructor is Mr. Freeman.  He brings to our students a broad knowledge of music, and an unparalleled enthusiasm for his band and performers.  Mr. Freeman also works with the HHS Marching Band.
    Mr. Freeman is also teaching General Music.
    If you are interested in learning more about the instrumental Music Program here at HMS, please contact him at afreeman@hackettstown.org, or visit his website for more information.

    Mr. Scalera
    Mr. Scalera teaches Computer Technology to students in Grades 6-8.

    Please contact him at nscalera@hackettstown.org, or visit his website.


    Mrs. Brenner (Miss Reed)

    Mrs. Brenner (Miss Reed) teaches 5th Grade Computer Technology classes. She is also the Literacy Lab Coordinator and teacher of the PACE program.  Please feel free to visit her website and kindly contact her via e-mail: kreed@hackettstown.org

    spanish fiesta
    Mrs. Bray
    Mrs. Bray is our teacher of Espanol &ESL.  Her enthusiasm for the language, and her clever methods for helping kids learn a new language, make visiting the Spanish class a fiesta!
    For information please contact la Senora at kbray@hackettstown.org, or visit her website.

    Mrs. Lashevicki
    Mrs. Lashevicki teaches Spanish to students Grade 5-8 & ESL.
    She can be contacted at mlashevicki@hackettstown.org ~ Her website can be found here.

     Ms. Meister
    Ms. Meister teaches Physical Education and Health to all students Grade 5-8.
    Ms. Meister can be reached at kmeister@hackettstown.org ~ her website can be found here.

    Mrs. Higgins
    Mrs. Higgins teaches Theater to Seventh and Eighth Graders.  Please contact her at shiggins@hackettstown.org. or check her website for more information.