On the 2nd Monday of each month, we are meeting in room 111 until 4:55 pm.

    Check the calendar for cancellations and for the weeklyagenda.

                Several years ago, our seventh grade class had a poetry class during enrichment. A number of people were not able to go and felt frustrated by missing the activity.  One student was particularly persistent in her complaints, and our poetry club began with one student who would come with her friend at lunch to see what poetry writing activities she had missed to the whopping big group of over 30 members which we now boast.

                We share, read, write and critique poetry. This year our group has changed in that we are not limited to just one grade, but now involves students from each grade level, some mentoring high school students, and a couple of e-mail members who have moved away.  There are new people and ideas, and we are planning to meet for activities outside of school as well. Some of things we are looking forward to trying out are a cookie swap, a poetry festival, guest poets, overnight work sessions to help plan for the festival and lots of fun poetry activities. We are also attempting to plan an occasional after school or weekend meeting so we can include our members who have lunch at a different time.  
    If you are interested, see one of the members or Mrs. Craig for more information.
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Last Modified on September 21, 2015