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    Name:  Lauren M. Baccaro - Milde
    Email:  Lbaccaro@hackettstown.org is linked to my new email: Lmilde@hackettstown.org
     **Please note: The best way to contact me is via e-mail. :) **
    Title:    Basic Skills Instructor for Math (B.S.I. Math)



    I team-teach Mathematics at all grade levels.

    My goal is to help students to build a solid foundation. 

    Having a strong understanding of the material 
    will create confidence in the subject. 

    This will help the students easily build upon concepts

     and be successful in the future!



    Please view my colleagues' websites to see "what's happening" in our classes!

    Ms. Gericke's Homepage (Grade 5)

    Mrs. Austin's Homepage (Grade 6)

    Mrs. Cohen's Homepage (Grade 7)

    Mr. Daly's Homepage (Grade 8) 



    You may want to take a look at what you will be learning in the school year!!!!
    Here is the link for:

    New Jersey Student Learning Standards