HMS Air Quality Update

This alert serves as a follow-up to the June 25th alert regarding mold in the closet of Room 127 in the Middle School computer lab.. Room 127 indicates slight growth which RK Environmental determined was due to spore travel from the cleaning of the closet in Room 127. The carpet in Room 127 will be removed and all surface areas will be deep cleaned and HEPA vacuumed as recommended by RK Environmental. Once again, Room 127 will be retested to ensure a healthy and safe environment for students and staff.
In addition, RK Environmental tested the air quality of all existing carpeted classrooms.The results to those findings are as follows: initial air quality tests indicate slightly elevated aspergillus/penicillium like spores, but within acceptable range, in Room's 21, 23 and 110. These results however are not cause for concern or imminently dangerous to students and staff.  Again, at the direction of RK Environmental, the District will deep cleanse these rooms and retest the air quality when cleansing is complete. 
Please know the District has taken a pro-active stance and will remove all existing carpet flooring from all classrooms and offices to avoid potential growth of mold spores. 
As always, the safety, security and well being of students and staff is the Districts highest priority. I thank you in advance for partnering with us regarding this matter