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QUEST Contact Information
Danielle Stanley
(908) 852 – 8150 x264
[email protected]

Karyn Clegg
SLE Coordinator
(908) 852 – 8150 x806
[email protected]
To download a copy of the Quest Program Informational Booklet
The QUEST program integrates traditional academics – English, science, history, and math – with the Hackettstown High School Life Skills curriculum. Students are actively involved in their education as they develop into contributing members of society. Over the course of four years, students will learn the tools to live self-sufficiently. The goal of QUEST is to effectively teach students how to live and work independently. This goal is accomplished through hands-on learning experiences in real life settings. Through Community Based Instruction, students will develop everyday life skills from food preparation to banking. The Structured Learning Program prepares the students for the expectations of the workplace. Upon completion of the program, students will feel confident completing daily tasks at home and at work autonomously.
Community Based Instruction (CBI)

Community Based Instruction (CBI) takes students into the local community to acquire and practice every day practical skills. The activities in CBI encourages students to be self-sufficient through structured everyday experiences in the community. Students are taught in real world settings by their teacher. CBI is not field trips, but thoughtful, planned encounters that students will face on a regular basis after high school. All facets of daily living are addressed through CBI. Examples of locations for CBI include: grocery stores, restaurants, post office, banks, retail shops, libraries, recreational activities, public transportation, and more. Through these activities, students are able to experience different social interactions in a safe environment.
Structured Learning Program

As students prepare for life after public school, they will need to be ready to enter the work force. The Structured Learning Experience (SLE) gradually prepares students to work independently. The program starts with business touring and job readiness in the first two years. Students are able to see different career options within the community. While at school, students will develop and hone social, computational, and tactile skills necessary to obtain and keep a job. The next step is job shadowing. At this stage, students follow in the footsteps of employees at various locations. Students start working through job sampling. A job coach helps guide students to fulfill the expectations of the employer. Students will be able to work at a variety of locations throughout the school year.