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School Registration

The following steps will assist you in registering with our district:
  • Step One:  Notify your former school district of your move, complete their withdrawal forms and request copies of student paperwork.
  • Step Two:  Verify what township you reside in.  
  • Step Three:  Prepare your proof-of-residency documentation.
  • Step Four:  Begin the registration process by using the hyperlink below.  
  • Step Five:  Contact your new school in Hackettstown to schedule an in-person meeting to review your registration.
Upon conclusion of Step Five you will be notified if your registration is accepted or if there are any issues with your application that need to be resolved. 
Please expand each of the steps below to access information and hyperlinks to complete the registration process.
Students may only be enrolled in one school district at a time.  You must officially withdraw from the old school before you can register with Hackettstown Public Schools.  (This does not apply to first-time students.)
Additionally, it's helpful (but not mandatory) when parents bring copies of some documentation to the meeting in step five.  Such items include, but are not limited to:
  • Report cards, schedules and/or high school transcripts;
  • Immunizations & health records;
  • IEPs, 504s, Emergency Health Plans;
  • Any relevant court documents.
You can often request a copy of these documents when withdrawing or even print them yourselves off of their student information system.
We will also have you complete a records release which will allow your former school to send all records to us.
Prior to registering, please determine what township you live in.  Families cannot use the mailing address as a guide as many addresses say "Hackettstown" but actually attend a different school district.
Hackettstown Township residents attend Hackettstown Public School District:
  • Hatchery Hill Elementary School -- Grades PK-1
  • Willow Grove Elementary School -- Grades 2-4
  • Hackettstown Middle School -- Grades 5-8
  • Hackettstown High School -- Grades 9-12
Documentation for Hackettstown Township Residents:
Three (3) items must be provided to demonstrate that you are a resident of Hackettstown Township:  
  • Each item must: (1) show the name of the adult registering the student; (2) show the Hackettstown Township address; (3) be current (prior 60 calendar days).
  • At least one item must be from Category A as listed below.  The other two items may come from either Category A or B.
Category A - One (1) Document Required Category B
Mortgage Statement Driver's License, Registration or Insurance Card
Deed Government Photo ID
Property Tax Bill Bank / Credit Card Statement 
Signed Current Lease Telephone / Cable Bill
  Water / Sewer Bill
  Electric Bill
  Pay Stub
Please redact (black out) any account numbers or financial information on documents you choose to provide.
The totality of the information and documentation you offer will be considered in evaluating your application and, unless required by law, you will not be denied enrollment based on an inability to provide a specific document when other acceptable documentation is provided.
Please discuss any extenuating circumstances with your particular school.  Families who have been displaced (lacking a permanent home) due to economic hardship and/or natural disasters may be exempt from some or all of these requirements.
Prior to registering, please determine what township you live in.  Families cannot use the mailing address as a guide as many addresses say "Hackettstown" but actually attend a different school district.
Residents of the township of Allamuchy have their own K-8 school district:  Allamuchy Township School District.  Their information can be found at  
Residents of Independence and Liberty townships have their own K-8 school district:  Great Meadows Regional School District.  Their information can be found at
Families moving into these townships must register with their local K-8 school -- even if the students are of High School age. 
  • Students in grades K-8 will attend their local school.  They will not attend Hackettstown Public School.
  • Both schools pay tuition for their students to attend Hackettstown High School.  
Documentation for Residents of Allamuchy Township or Great Meadows Regional School District (Independence and Liberty Townships) Seeking to Attend Hackettstown High School:
Families with High School students will be provided with a tuition voucher upon registering.  This tuition voucher is required before students from Allamuchy, Independence or Liberty townships can be enrolled at Hackettstown High School.
Contact information for the sending districts are as follows:
Allamuchy Township School District
  • Allamuchy Township School, 20 Johnsonburg Road, Allamuchy, NJ  07820
  • (908) 852-1894 (phone)
  • (908) 852-9816 (fax)
Great Meadows Regional School District
  • Great Meadows Regional Middle School, 273 U.S. Highway, Route 46
  • (908) 637-4584 (phone)
  • (908) 637-4349 (voicemail)
  • (908) 637-4492 (fax)
Please use the hyperlink below to complete your pre-registration information.
As a reminder: you are not yet enrolled in Hackettstown Public Schools.  Once you've entered and submitted the required data, step five (below) will provide you with who you need to contact to set up your in-person meeting.  
Please contact the building registrar to schedule an appointment to finalize the scheduling process:


  • Hatchery Hill Elementary -- Preschool, Kindergarten and Grade 1  
    • Renee Caruso, Secretary
    • Marie Griffin, Principal  
    • (908) 852-8550 in Main Office  
  • Willow Grove Elementary -- Grades 2-4 
    • Donna DiLillo, Secretary  
    • Lauren Thomas, Principal
    • (908) 852-2805 in Main Office  
  • Hackettstown Middle School -- Grades 5-8 
    • Brenda Carkhuff, Secretary  
    • Sheena Delgaizo, Principal
    • (908) 852-8554 in Main Office  
  • Hackettstown High School -- Grades 9-12 
    • Pamela Willson, Secretary
    • Guy Jorstad, Director of Pupil Personnel Services  
    • (908) 852-8150 x2230 
If your child's school is unable to assist or answer your enrollment questions please contact:
Guy Jorstad, Director of Pupil Personnel Services
  • Hackettstown High School, 599 Warren Street, Hackettstown, New Jersey 07840
  • (908) 852-8150 x2233 (phone)
  • (908) 852-6214 (fax)
  • [email protected]