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  • 10 Tips for Managing Shared Files on Google Drive

    It’s all about creating the right kind of share permissions and the level of sharing. You can share any file or folder on Google Drive. The two-minute video sums up the process.
    Timelines are useful tools for helping students conceptualize how individual events fit into a given time period. Check out this tip shared with us by Nick Scalera.
    Contributed by Nick Scalera. Google’s email app is getting more organized. The search giant’s Inbox app, a sleeker and more feature-packed version of Gmail, received several new updates on Wednesday that are designed to make sifting through thousands of emails less of a chore.

    Much like Event and Appointment Slots, Reminder is just another option available to you when you're creating an item in Google Calendar. The coolest thing about Reminders is they carry forward to the next day, until you mark them done.


    How to Print Your Google Calendar

    The title of the post sounds simple enough, right? Surprisingly, this question comes up time and time again. Check out the post for the simple steps you need to take to print your calendar.


    Have you ever wanted to insert a special character but couldn’t remember the name of the symbol? In Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings, here’s a great way to jog your memory. In these apps, there’s a trackpad you can use to draw the symbol. Sometimes all we can remember is what a symbol looks like, the names for symbols aren’t always the most memorable, like the symbol ampersand.


    This functionality, coupled with the Information Rights Management (IRM) features launched last July, should significantly increase the security of your organization’s documents and information. There is no doubt about it; this is a major update to Google Drive security and a long requested feature 


    From keyboard shortcuts to masking images, Google Slides has an impressive set of tools for all end users to learn to become a Google Slides artist. With these tips, you'll be creating amazing presentations just like a professional graphic designer!


    Pasting in Google Sheets can become especially difficult when you want to paste a list or text that you want to separate into different cells. The former solution to separating text was with a script, but Google announced this week that you can now easily convert text to columns in Sheets with new paste formatting options.


    9 Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail That Will Make You More Productive

    Did you know there are keyboard shortcuts specific to Gmail? Through a quick adjustment in the General settings tab, you’ll be whizzing through your email and will barely need to click your mouse. This post will show you how to get started with keyboard shortcuts by enabling them in your account while also going through some powerful productivity tips


    In Google Spreadsheets, it can get repetitive adding one row at a time. With the right-click drop down menu, you are able to add multiple rows at once.


    How to Share Individual Tabs In Google Sheets

    As simple as it sounds, Google does not have a direct way to share individual tabs in Google Sheets. That does not mean it is not possible to do, you just need to get creative.


    An Insert Comment button now appears in the Google Doc when you highlight any text in the body of the document. Previously, you had to click Insert > Comment. Now, a few steps are removed to make instant feedback, instant. 


    Need to Translate a PDF from one language to another? 
    Here's a little helpful tip submitted by our very own Nick Scalera! Click here to access these instructions.

    After entering all the roles (in the correct format) in Google Sheets, you can turn them into an Org Chart with the chart creation tool. The chart will update dynamically as you modify the roles in the spreadsheet, so you don’t need to worry about starting from scratch when things change.


    Building a Table of Contents in Google Sheets

    Have you ever made a spreadsheet so large that you get lost in it? It is something that has happened to the best of us. While Google Sheets are a great format for recording and crunching data, they can be increasingly difficult to navigate the larger they get.


    Knowing your schedule at all times is vital when reading and composing emails. If someone asks you to get coffee later this afternoon, you should know what times you are free. Obviously, you can open up your Google Calendar in another tab and check what events are on the horizon before responding, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could see this information right in Gmail?


    The Send by Gmail Chrome Extension allows you to share a link with the click of a button. Once your Gmail account is connected, your shareable link is automatically pasted in a new message with the subject line and message complete. All you have to do is type in the recipient and click send. 


    From generating Sudoku puzzles to organizing your Secret Santa gift exchange, there is a lot these add-ons can let you do beyond just number crunching. We put together our three favorite add-ons that increase morale more than productivity. Next lunch break, open up a Google Sheet and do something fun with it.


    12 Free Add-Ons That Take Docs and Sheets to the Next Level

    Aside from the three in the above post, here's another set of add-ons that will help you be even more productive. While these add-ons might not be as much fun in your personal life, they can make work easier (which is always fun!).


    This tool is equally useful to both businesses and educational institutions. By filtering and sorting you can create spreadsheets that can be analyzed and understood at a glance, whether it is your department’s annual budget or your third-grade class attendance sheet.

    Without installing any fancy extensions or Add-ons Gmail provides a way for you to bring your Google Calendar right into your Gmail interface. No need to waste any time switching tabs, this feature allows you to check your schedule and even add new events to your calendar without ever leaving Gmail.
    Everyone organizes their Google Drive differently. Shockingly, many Google Apps users don’t organize them at all. I have found that, by using a few best practices, there is a system for making Google Drive much more organized and easier to navigate.
    After you search for something once in your Gmail search bar it seems to always come up as a suggestion. This can be both annoying and detrimental. For example, if you are looking for a parent email and searched your email once for “parent email” you probably wouldn’t want that coming up as a suggestion the next time you start typing “Paul” in your search bar.
    Worry no more. Removing previous searches from your Gmail search history is easy and will prevent them from coming up as drop-down suggestions in the future. Keep in mind, this will only work for things you have searched for, you can not remove the system generated search terms.
    Events rarely have unlimited space, so limiting the number of people who sign-up is essential. If you are using Google Forms as a way to collect sign-ups for an event with limited capacity there is no way to limit the number of attendees using Google’s out-of-the-box tools. Luckily, the Form Limiter Add-on allows you to set a limit to how many people can respond to a Form so you don’t have to worry about turning anyone away.
    Spreadsheet functions aren’t just for accountants and financial analysts. As an everyday Google user we don’t often find ourselves calculating annual revenue growth or building discounted cash flow models, but we do use spreadsheet functions often throughout the day. The functions we use are what we like to call “everyday formulas,” because they are quick ways to solve daily problems.
    The holiday season is a busy time for travel and when you don't have access to the fast office Wi-Fi, you can sometimes feel helpless. Whether you are on a plane, on the subway, or just trying to conserve data usage, there are plenty of times when you will find yourself unable to connect to the Internet, however, this doesn’t mean your work needs to be immediately substituted for a new game of Angry Birds. Google provides plenty of tools that can be used while offline.
    Here is a list of 10 favorite Chrome Extensions and the real life problems they solve. From security to grammar correction, these Extensions cover it all.
    From allowing you to create pre-made templates to transcribing images right into text for you, there are definitely some functions you probably aren’t using in Google Docs. Here are three of my favorites that are not only unexpected but unexpectedly useful as well
    Just because it isn’t a built-in feature, doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. With a little ingenuity, you can find a way to do almost anything you want in Google Apps. This is the art of the workaround. These are 4 of our favorite Google Apps workarounds that allow you to tackle the (seemingly) impossible.
    Gmail might seem pretty simple to use on the surface, but the true power comes in a few little-known features and tools. This guide covers everything you need to know about inbox management, sorting and filtering incoming messages, and getting down to inbox zero faster than ever before.
    If you’ve never used a cloud storage / collaboration tool, Google Drive is a great place to start. Before you get overwhelmed (or even if you think you know it all), this guide provides 21 tips to help you become a Google Drive power user.

    How to Share Individual Tabs In Google Sheets

    We have received a number of emails asking how to share a single tab of a Google Sheet without sharing the rest of it. As simple as it sounds, Google does not have a direct way to do this. That does not mean it is impossible, you just need to get creative.


    You Can Now Block Annoying Senders in Gmail

    The “Block Sender” function is baked right into the Gmail interface and will stop any emails from that specific sender from ever reaching your inbox. Senders who are blocked are never notified so there is no need to worry about hurt feelings. See how easy it is to use this new tool and try it out yourself to bring an end to the annoyance.


    The Google Apps Ultimate Training Guide

    The Ultimate Training Guide covers all things Google Apps, from getting started on Gmail to advanced features in Google Sheets and everything in between!


    The Gooru’s Productivity Guide for Google Apps

    Maximize your efficiency with 17 pages of productivity tips for Gmail, Drive, Sheets, Docs, and Calendars. I also included a cheat sheet with 42 of the most essential keyboard shortcuts to save you time using Google Apps.


    The Gooru's Guide to Gmail

    Master all things Gmail, whether you are just getting started or are looking for advanced features and workarounds to take your emailing skills to the next level.


    The Gooru's Guide to Google Drive

    Manage your files like pro. This guide will transform how you manage secure your files and takes a deep dive into some of the little known Google Drive tricks that everyone should be utilizing.


    Meet Google's Mobile Assistant on iPhone and Android

    Many hold the belief that Google Now is Google’s representative to rival Apple’s mobile assistant, Siri. The assumption has some factual basis in that they serve similar functions, but practically speaking, Google Now is a lot more than a simple personal assistant. It is more ambitious, articulated, and most of all uncomplicated in how it benefits your day to day life.


    5 hidden features in Google Apps that everybody should be using

    Whether you are trying to ignore a group email thread that keeps popping up in your inbox or want real-time analysis of your Google Form results, there are tools that can help you out. Check out some of my favorite “hidden gem” features that are tucked away in Gmail, Forms, Calendar, Sheets, and Docs.


    We doubt we are the only one who becomes a one-person Google Support team when we visit relatives over the holidays. In order to save you some time and frustration here is a quick quick list of common Gmail questions we have seen friends and relatives asking to their more tech savvy counterparts. Send this along to that special someone in your life who needs the Gmail help so you can spend your holidays enjoying family time away from the computer.


    How To Restore Deleted Google Calendar Events

    Last week Google announced the trash folder is finally making it’s way to your Calendar. Restore both individual and recurring events after you have deleted them. The trash folder may be easy to use but it is also a little tricky to find at first. Watch closely.


    Here Is How You Schedule an Email Send Time in Gmail

    Scheduling emails to be sent at a later date is one of the best features Gmail doesn’t have yet. Compose all your “Happy New Year” emails now and set them to be sent in two weeks, there are limitless use cases for this type of feature. Luckily, there are very easy to use Chrome Extensions that allow you schedule your emails in Gmail.


    Gmail Will Finally Let You Search ALL of Your Emails

    Not all emails were created equal. At least according to Gmail’s old search algorithm that was the case. If an email was in your trash or spam folder it would not turn up in a search. This was a huge issue given the fact that emails were sometimes mistakenly placed in either the trash or spam folders.


    Finally A Way To Get Notified Every Time A Google Drive Folder Is Changed

    Rather than setting up notifications on every document you share, you may just want to know if any document in a particular folder is being edited. Although this functionality is not yet built into Google Apps, there is a Chrome Extension I found that will do it. Simply select the folder you want to keep track of and you will receive an email every time a file contained in that folder is edited or even if a new file is added to the folder.


    Meet The iPhone Feature That Google is Adding into Email

    Google will soon be able to respond to your emails for you. Sound scary? It’s not. Google just announced Smart Reply for Inbox by Gmail, which will give you 3 responses to choose from when responding an email if you don’t feel like typing out a response yourself. These response options are based on the content of the email you are sent as well as your past email responses you have sent


    How to Create and Save a Template in Google Docs

    Like it or not, a lot of the documents you make in Google Drive are pretty similar. But why are you starting from scratch each time you create a new one? Whether it is meeting notes or homework assignments, you can save a ton of time by turning them into reusable templates.