School Closing / Opening Times

Delayed Opening and Early Dismissal Closing Times Information
Because weather and road conditions sometimes change significantly during the early morning hours on inclement days, the district has devised a procedure for delaying school openings 2 hours after the normal opening times if road conditions improve, or shortening the school day if conditions worsen, or closing schools for the entire day if necessary.

On days when school openings will be delayed/closed/shortened, announcements will be made via the Parent Notification System (PNS), on the radio, and on the district's web sites.

On days when school is closed or shortened all after school and evening activities are canceled/postponed.

On days when school is shortened students who are bussed to school in the morning will be bussed home.

On days when school is delayed buses will pick up children approximately 2 hours after their normal pick-up times, and school will open according to the following schedule:
A Pop-up announcement window for notices on district-wide closings will appear on all district web pages.
  Start Time 2 Hour Delay Early Dismissal
HHS 7:50 9:50 11:50
8:00 10:00 12:00
HMS 8:15 10:15 12:15
Willow 8:30 10:30 12:30